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  1. Check in time starts at 1pm. Our reception is not open before 11am.
  2. Check Out time is 11a.m. You may be charged a late check-out fee if you check out after 11a.m.
  3. Podrá requerirse un depósito de 5€ por llave, que se devolverá a la salida, siempre y cuando se devuelva el set completo. En el caso que no hubiera depósito se abonará  a la salida 5€ por cada juego no devuelto.
  4. Locker - There is a locker per guest in each dorm room. Please keep your items in the locker on your responsibility.
  5. There are extra blankets available without extra charge.
  6. Towels are included in private rooms. In dorms are available for rental for 1€.
  7. We offer Breakfast Baskets for 3€ per person per night. Reservation in advance is required.
  8. Internet: Free Wi-Fi internet access. Password: "hellosevilla". We also have a computer with internet on the second floor.
  9. Common room / Kitchen - Open from 8.am to 12a.m. Clean and order everything you use when you eat or cook.
  10. Laundry service. Washing + Drying = € 6. The washing will be done with cold water or maximum at 40º; The drying will be in a dryer in a normal (hot) drying. The company is not responsible for possible damages that occur due to these temperatures in the clothing. It is the client's responsibility to know what clothes can be washed in a washing machine and dried in a dryer with the instructions indicated above. It is recommended to hire different laundry services for colored and white clothes.
  11. Guests.Guests may have guests, but the hostel must always be informed. Guests must leave the rooms at 10 pm and the common areas at 11:30 pm.
  12. After 12.am You must be silent throughout the building. Be respectful of the rest of the rest of the guests.
  13. The use of speakers or music playback is not allowed in the rooms, especially after 23:00.
  14. The consumption of food and / or drinks in the rooms is not allowed.
  15. Animals: Pets and / or animals of any kind are not allowed in the establishment.
  16. The client will be responsible for paying for all damages caused to the facilities. If guests fail to comply with the rules or instructions of the staff, they may be expelled from the hostel without the right to a refund of the amount paid.
  17. Clients must contact the establishment in advance to inform their arrival time.
  18. Bicicletas: El hostel dispone de un bicicletero en la entrada del establecimiento. El único lugar donde se permite guardar las bicicletas es en el patio interior, no pudiendo utilizarse entre las 22horas y las 10horas para evitar molestias a los huéspedes que se encuentran en las habitaciones contiguas.  El hostel no se hace responsable de cualquier daño o hurto de las bicicletas. Está prohibido introducir bicicletas (u otro vehículo) en las habitaciones.
  19. The accommodation includes a standard room cleaning. Any type of extra cleaning of the room, bed linen, curtains or other common elements for breach of the rules or any other reason may be a supplement to cover the costs of cleaning or replacement.
  20. Inclusion of the rules, drug use, not respecting the rest of other guests, disrespect or breach of the instructions of the staff will be grounds for expulsion without the right to return. 
  21. Fumar NO ESTÁ permitido en ninguna parte del hostel (excepto en la terraza). Si se detecta que algún huésped ha fumado en las habitaciones o en otra parte no habilitada, se pondrá en conocimiento de la policía, se le expulsará del establecimiento sin derecho a devolución y se le cargará un suplemento de 50€ para cubrir los gastos de una limpieza profunda de la habitación y lavado de cortinas y mantas.

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    Ana Pérez Peramo, NIF 77807125-B
    Calle Adriano 6, 41001, Sevilla

Guests understand and accept these rules when they accommodate at The Spot Central Hostel. This document is also exposed at the reception area.